About SNP

Sisters Network Project (SNP) is a community project and initiative made up of sisters working together to provide and facilitate the work of the Deen. The project brings together sisters of all backgrounds for the sake of Allah (swt).

SNP is a platform which aims to educate the daughters of the Ummah by empowering sisters with the love of the deen, and in turn providing the tools to manage the challenges of life by taking inspiration from the learning of those before us. (May Allah be pleased with them all)

SNP runs a number of classes (including Tajweed and Arabic Language), personal development workshops, valuable seminars, lectures and many community events

“Every seed of knowledge helps to develop attributes of good imaan. With the aim of aiding sisters in individual growth and development, SNP works tirelessly to ensure sisters feel safe and welcome within our community to network and ultimately find a sense of belonging in sisterhood.”

SNP recognises the struggles faced by many muslim women due to the lack of female friendly environments within our community. As a result, we provide gatherings in person, classes over the internet and gatherings with creche facilities. Whether you are a wife, mother or a working woman, our goal is to make the ‘seeking of knowledge’ accessible to you FREE of charge.

Our objective at SNP is to bring value to the lives of all sisters, together we act as a support structure for one another. We liaise and engage with the people of knowledge and in unity we spread the deen of Allah. As a result enabling sisters to focus on their life and find solutions for their journey in the Akhirah. We provide knowledge using methods that are relatable, and engaging especially for our younger sisters who are struggling to find a belonging in this tough world.

For the sake of Allah. Period!

When a muslim woman loves her sister for the sake of Allah; her love for her sister is connected to, and is part of her love for Allah. Sisterhood is to love one another in the manner that Allah has ordained. Maintaining that as the basis of the relationship is what strips the love from worldly elements and purifies it so that the love and foundation of the relationship is extended beyond this world. In sisterhood we build for our Akhirah.