SNP – Youth Project

SNP ‘The Next Gen’ Youth project is our current initiative pioneered by our very own young sisters.

The project targets sisters between the age of 14 to 18 as it recognises that young sisters are often overlooked, and as a result suffer from a disadvantage in seeking faith based activities within a safe, fun and female-only environment.

Many young sisters feel abandoned as they deal with issues such as sexual abuse, drugs, grooming, physical changes, and many other taboo subjects. The dunya has many offers to make for impressionable young sisters, with the likes of social media, music, substance misuse and peer pressure to name a few amongst many other worldly attractions. The goal of SNP Youth Project is to safeguard the next generation from the trials of this world whilst enabling them with skills to realise their true self worth, value and belonging in line with Islam.

We believe sisters are currently unable to achieve their full potential due to a lack of dedicated facilities catering to their needs and wishes. Often young people are misunderstood as their needs are not listened to. As a result they pursue unhealthy alternatives (and often harmful practices) to seek comfort.

Our Youth Project ‘The Next Gen’ has been developed to empower the upcoming Muslimah through the beauty of Islam.

There is a great misconception amongst young people that the deen is oppressive and boring, this is far from the truth. We want to enable the deen in an interactive and enjoyable manner for our sisters. SNP Youth Project will engage with young muslimahs to organise leisure and outdoor activities such as picnics, workshops, quiz night, naseehas, stories of the youth from islamic history, virtual reality (VR), escape rooms and much more. This is a non-exhaustive list and we are open to the contribution of ideas from you.

Whilst the project is foregrounded on Islam, we will be providing mentorship on educational studies, advice on effective studying, support on cvs, personal statements for university and guidance for future career pathways. Our Youth Project is about you. We believe in you, and we need you. Our message to young sisters; ‘You are not alone. We want to know you and we want to create a bond of sisterhood with you.’

The vision of our Youth Project is to support young Muslimahs into being socially and spiritually conscientious individuals who are well rounded and equipped with the tools they need to create change in the world and manoeuvre through difficult times.


Activities for the youth

– Leisure and outdoor activities 

– Picnics

– Coffee catch-up’s

– Self development workshops

– Quiz nights

– Naseeha’s

– Stories of the youth from islamic history

– Virtual reality (VR)

– Escape rooms 

– Horse riding

– Archery

– Arts and crafts

– Fundraisers

– Mentorship on educational studies

– Advice on effective studying, support on cvs, & personal statements for university

– Guidance for future career pathways

This is a non exhaustive list and we are open to the contribution of ideas from you.